Letter to a dead soldier’s daughter

We might have been familiar even earlier than I remember…
It’d only make sense considering my most vivid memory
is still of the time of that little innocent kiss under the desk…
Perhaps I wasn’t so innocent because shortly after I was chasing the rest
of the other girls; but we always remained close.
I even once gave up a school trip
So you could go in my place.
A time when the earth was still the blood in my drip,
The soil on my feet.
Our sisters too were friends,
One wonders what happened to them;
What happened to us?
Oh yes: I changed schools around fifth grade
You wrote letters and you saw the gesture repaid
Because I’d be back at your house during holidays…
And always brought with me the ecstasy of child’s play.
I remember the big kale garden being a favoured hideaway,
When your mother unexpectedly came back and my welcome expired.
I hope she is well, she was a good Nurse;
If only the gods had flown her over the basin to save your father
Who had been sent to war around 1998.
He never came back, things were never the same, things had definitely changed.
Same time adolescence brought its wave of pretence and naturally we grew apart.
Wish I’d had your back – been there – instead of showing so little heart.
It’s been about a decade since, but
I did hear some years ago how you had a child…
I hope you’ve found youth again dear friend.


© Heath Muchena, 2013