A Writer’s Lair


I walked into the forest to get away,

taking with me all the essentials for the day…

Then I came upon some rocks – smooth and grey

and amongst them I decided I’d lie —

So I lit some mary j,

and listened to the stream’s sweet cries….

For some time I was lost amid the tall trunks and green vines;

and when the sun’s rays began struggling to break through the canopy,

I decided to make my way back to civilisation –

and as I did, I felt sad for leaving

but was happy I could make out the path back.

Then I thought of how oft in life we journey back and forth

through the passage of time into memory

trying to hold on to a moment in the past

and especially to avoid dealing with the present.

Next thing I knew I was walking out of the forest

to go on about my evening.



© Heath Muchena, 2013