Dungeons & Dreams

I awake to
A soaked body and moist sheets
A dark room and a saturated bladder
And then I sigh in relief
While I’m still in a state of disbelief
Damn these recurring dreams
Deprive me of my sleep!

Why do I fight those I love?
And love those I despise?
Why do I see forgotten acquaintances?
And visit unfamiliar places?
These recurring dreams
Remain a mystery.

Should I seek a shrink?
Or just down, think and try make sense of it?
But why should I
Are dreams really clues to a missing link?
Or just remains of that, which we deliberately
Choose to not want to sync?


© Heath Muchena, 2009

One Comment on “Dungeons & Dreams”

  1. john hauge says:

    i hate those repeat dreams as well. what really bothers me are the ones that replay all night long. the same thing over and over or variations there of. wake up. go pee. then fall asleep again and it’s the same dream again. wake up. sweaty. even in winter. get up get dressed. move to the living room and my trusty friendly recliner and start the process all over again with the same damn dream. what’s up with that? then there’s my favorite line from e. a. poe: is all that we see or seem nothing but a dream within a dream?


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