Auto – Motive

Surfing the waves of life,
The highs and lows.
In view of a beautiful tide,
I swear my vows.
And when I start to drown
Another wave of hope follows through.
It sweeps me to the shore,
Powered by the ultimate motive – survival.


© Heath Muchena, 2010

2 Comments on “Auto – Motive”

  1. Kookie says:

    I admit I read this the first time and I wasn’t getting it until I remembered the title of the poem is automotive. Then it all made sense automotive by definition is a self propelled vehicle. Don’t mind me thinking out “aloud” as it were. Good writing!


  2. htmm says:

    thanx for the comment Kookie, my writing is mostly introspective and lost in translation at times. Something i definately need to work on but im glad you found a meaning within it somehow, I appreciate u stopping by.


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