Carne Place

Whilst out, around Llandudno

after a swim in the ocean

in a large cove


having a smoke

and talking to friend I last saw a while ago.

Trading new stories,

delving into old memories…

Bournemouth, where we first met;

how I came to call him the devil

and how he came to call me the heathen

and how we revelled from the south to the north —

Portsmouth to Harrogate,

during our times there — Lads indeed!

Then we got speaking of the loves we had pursued,

the world over,

how that turned him from a Capetonian devil to a Swedish maniac —

He is in a happy place, and I am happy for him.

I did, however, find much of the recollections of my swashbuckles mere marvels,

and nothing more,

but when the thought of US…

Yes YOU and me — if you remember that summer in Port Solent?

When our love was potent;

those were some of my best moments…

Even though life couldn’t be better now,

I miss feelings that matter —

We were free spirits,

with free hearts and freed emotions.

Who knew I’d find real love too,

even free love

in that foreign land.



© Heath Muchena, 2014

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