Gasoline gods III

Steal their jewels,

burn their books

and destroy their customs.

Leave them with nothing more

than hope that something new forms

then we’ll introduce the new norms.

© Heath Muchena, 2014

10 Comments on “Gasoline gods III”

  1. J.D.Hughes says:

    This sounds very much like the aims of the European Union. 😉


  2. You have interesting poems


  3. runwright says:

    I look forward to reading more.


  4. edgarone2 says:

    Sometimes hope is enough.


  5. lawrenceez says:

    Good poems,


  6. alexjrankin says:

    The Western way, eloquently put.


  7. halimakhanom1 says:

    Brilliant! Conjures up colonization


  8. Colonization meets post modernism! Tut tut civilization


  9. Like the use of ‘norms’ as the last word – it’s nearly always a mundane, spiritless word whatever the context.


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