Constantia iii: Law & Principle 

Setting: Dawn Avenue, Constantia

Personae: Sir M. Thatcher – a businessman;  Francis – a reporter

They don’t call me moneybags for nothing. I’m preferentially protected. Remember, bankruptcy probability is inversely proportional to wealth rank!

So in essence you’re saying the lower one’s economic status the greater the possibility for lack?

And vice versa. Yes, that’s precisely how wealth distribution works. I’m very fortunate and contented in this position.

So would be any of us, were we to find ourselves in the same. No man finds satisfaction in perpetual poverty.

Life is full of juxtapositions, ain’t it? Also, let me remind you that although wealth can be thrust upon, a position of power one has to assume.

Pareto principle at play perhaps?

More like Zipf’s law

3 Comments on “Constantia iii: Law & Principle ”

  1. cat9984 says:

    A perpetual caste system.

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  2. Things of that nature.


  3. Making also sure that the rich and poor do not receive the same education, the wealthy will have their insurance that only one of them will ascend to the thrones of power.

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