measure for measure?

measure -

which is almost indispensable in action

has little or no place in the psyche


for when we consider -

where it allows for evaluation

or such activity

it’s efficacious


but to apply its order to the unbounded

is improper


take violence for instance -

the axiom is that its source is the mind

but instead of man observing the gross movement

of its varied forms,

which would only see it negated -

he continues to classify

so as to justify…

even allowing the use of guns and other tools in war

whilst barring other weapons under the Geneva Protocol…

only to see it reinstated



© Heath Muchena, 2014



even if I reject the marriage contract

I see no way or need to avoid its moral reach or social impact


© Heath Muchena, 2014

schmaltzy season

pay this no mind

sure by now you’ve read enough


but just thought you should know


that I really hope you find

a far better love


and you’ve also let go


© Heath Muchena, 2014

FruitShip… Zambezi to Paradise

early Sunday morning

empire building session just closed

but before he sleeps

he sees the portrait of Karl Mauch and sniggers,

thinking of the Great Dyke


he knows to be the most is to do the most

and feels justified in knowing

a house of stone does not collapse

although it can be abandoned


‘79.6 billion percent inflation’

he never understood what the fuck that meant

yes – he sure felt something

but he always knew too well the true store of value,

peace never escaping the mind


and so he lights one up for the early morning

mulberry, plum, avocado, guava, mango,

granite mangosteen, water and smelly-berry

decorates the breakfast table

monkey orange, prickly-pear, snot apple, and monkey bread

all kinds of African sweets


never to perceive suffering long as he lives

rather to savour its sweetness


diamonds and gold,

the greatest stories ever told

at his own ‘Groote Schuur’

where he’ll display the fifth bird of stone

in the land he calls home


he told her

a few more years and he’d have the world for her

that she should close her eyes and see

2020 something with him -

she jumped ship

rightfully so,

visions are hard to share


but more got on it still…


a lover just told him she fears he be going-in so hard

and even if they had a family

he wouldn’t have time enough for it


that had him thinking

there is -

no right –  no wrong

only a belonging to the world


then he told her he loved her

and she should just enjoy the ride

because he’s sailing the ship from the Zambezi to Paradise


© Heath Muchena, 2014

no gut, no feel

She said:

I fear that if you’re to ever lose your zeal

there’ll not be much left of you

nothing left to  feel


He replied:

My dear, if art should lose its appeal

or all such things heartfelt and true

I’ll have no gut, no feel 


© Heath Muchena, 2014


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