Hope Springs


can even spring from hope

when you have bad longings

so stop lamenting yester’s wrongs

on mornings that follow


© Heath Muchena, 2014

The King’s Mirror

if the soul mirrored

sure it’d show

a king and his cattle

turned slave and stripped of the old comforts

now old, helpless and distraught

and worse – with a new found comfort in joyful ignorance


his seeds become serfs

a perpetual existence


he has no mind left for battle

sidetracked by the -isms

and losing the race


the books he did not write

gods he forgot to consort with


but if only the soul mirrored

sure it’d show

the indestructible


a queen so fertile

sons and daughters she’ll have

who will serve and restore

youth, courage and the vitality for work

to hold and keep their own

and remain faithful to the lineage


their deeds like the turf

held by the roots

and giving the green comfort

to all beings


© Heath Muchena, 2014

Generation Ex…

there’s only experience

of which we are all a part


so to exclude some piece

is to chip away at the heart


© Heath Muchena, 2014

A Song About Seed

crystallized dreams

now reality


who knew one could create

all these things


to be revealed

when ripe…


like an awakening

on early Sunday morning


© Heath Muchena, 2014

The Legend of Urban Fridays V

she was wishing

she wasn’t number one

but the only one


he was thinking

he’d come undone

all for lust and fun


© Heath Muchena, 2014


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