Magic Molecules

by this time

lust had become him

and so he said to her

I want you

then she replied

you’re such a man

she paused… then continued

if I wasn’t an endocrinologist

I’d have made you wait

but I understand

I believe you

I know you want me

and I also know why

but never mind that

just get over here!

her index finger inviting him

and so he moved closer

amazed by her seemingly steady sensibility

and mesmerized by her beauty

her wit, her charm

totally numbed

yet full of feeling

he was now next to her

she was magnetic

it was magic


© Heath Muchena, 2014

The Legend of Urban Fridays III

she said

c’mon over to my pad

bring a bottle of red

I have dinner prepared

for a moment he dared not say a word

not quite sure if he was glad

or a little afraid


© Heath Muchena, 2014


divine sinner

righteous creature

day and night

same picture

different light


© Heath Muchena, 2014


if foresight can prevent a shortcoming

then surely insight is the advent – the becoming

© Heath Muchena, 2014


when you search from deep within

not a single thing can be out of reach

and you can never be out of your depth

© Heath Muchena, 2014


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