time and talent: the cooking show


as if cheffing over a cauldron

or cooking

with the Dutch oven

trying to make a meal

using dung fuel


Tesla sleep patterns

just to beat Tom and Ed

in a war for the future and current

like a fool making disclosures with no patent


drafts and submissions

Reality… Fiction…

mister chef in the kitchen

what is it you’re cooking?


he tells nothing of what happens

yet he works until the morning

and although he longs for bed

he knows time is talent and keeps working instead


© Heath Muchena, 2014

so it seemed

it seemed

for him to love her

the way she desired

he needed to be selfless


she couldn’t understand

why he preferred the solitary life

to the blessing and warmth of her companionship

and a union that promised to serve more than his sexual instinct


it seemed

his understanding of love

was distinct from hers

to him it was not to be sought or found

not to be had or held

but the moment

the motion


in company or alone

to be discovered

to be lived

so it seemed


© Heath Muchena, 2014

Charge City

in the city

amongst the glass and bricks

the poor and uppish

parks with swings

where teenage misfits dance and have drinks


adults do drugs

and sex is cheap


trust doesn’t come easy

and it’s uneasy on the streets


so one has to learn the tricks

as well as establish some links

to fill the holes in the plugs

and maintain the current

never disrupting the flow

of the city


© Heath Muchena, 2014

Hope Springs


can even spring from hope

when you have misplaced longings

so stop lamenting yester’s wrongs

on mornings that follow


© Heath Muchena, 2014

The King’s Mirror

if the soul mirrored

sure it’d show

a king and his cattle

turned slave and stripped of the old comforts

now old, helpless and distraught

and worse – with a new found comfort in joyful ignorance


his seeds become serfs

a perpetual existence


he has no mind left for battle

sidetracked by the -isms

and losing the race


the books he did not write

gods he forgot to consort with


but if only the soul mirrored

sure it’d show

the indestructible


a queen so fertile

sons and daughters she’ll have

who will serve and restore

youth, courage and the vitality for work

to hold and keep their own

and remain faithful to the lineage


their deeds like the turf

held by the roots

and giving the green comfort

to all beings


© Heath Muchena, 2014


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