The Good Decision

social suggestions saturate sentience
and markets shift to sentiment
leaving no room for reason
nor space for making sound judgements
let alone good decisions


The Social Currency Conundrum

what you do
with the knowledge you have
is much more valued
than its mere possession

just look
at how readily they pay for a helping hand
but often take instruction
and offer no compensation

Silence & Silhouettes: Melody for Milady

I see your eyes
When I shut mine
At night
And imagine
You by my side
Or fantasise
About the good ‘ol times
I’ve lost my mind
Or do you think maybe
Your kind
Again, I’ll never find?

Streams of silence
And the sound of night
Is my heart
It’s almost hard to describe
But Melody
My rib, my right
Do you think maybe
We live to love, only to say goodbye?

Little Light

Nature is reflection of the beauty within
So you when you feel a split at the seam
Take a moment for reflection
And your little light is bound to beam

Dreams in Dereliction

ambition without concentrated effort

attempting an undertaking without proper preparation

anything of that sort

results in many a dream ending in dereliction

Pondering Progress

Another year gone past

And though with self I never lost touch

Still, can’t help wonder about raison d’ĂȘtre

Still question love

Still try to take the view from above

But all’s well that is right

That’s the perspective I have at this point in my life