Lord Cuddle’s Cradle Cravings

she had nothing on but a sarong

Polynesian pareu

hair down to her shoulders flowing

hips moving – full view

as she serenaded him with song

trying his best to stay calm

but mesmerised by her glow

never before had he laid eyes on a creature this beautiful

nothing short of a godsend angel

lavender sleep

cradle cravings

deep in dream

was Lord Cuddle

The Question of Relevance

He’d thought of his unfair share of ways to achieve world domination
But then realised he didn’t want to end up in pursuit of a Darien scheme

The fragility of his shell
Up against the resilience of his will

Peak and trough nightmares
Zigzagged dreams they’re always selling

Everywhere signs claiming to be gateways to success and riches
But just as that scientific observation which is limited by the assumptions of a theory

The question of relevance
Has been reduced to an enquiry into the prevalent within the context of a period

Poems, Charms & God’s Vineyard (x)

Can’t give one single reason
But know that you’re the one I love
Put that on everything!

And if you doubt me one bit
All I ask is that you wait ’til such evening
When I can get home to you where I belong

Be that you’d have moved on
No longer mine to hold
O, woe to such thought!
I know not how to cope with such loss

Because you take away my love then you take away all hope
And without you there’s nothing left in the world to gain
Only pain and pithy poems
Which you never cared to read
Yet only you could ever read me right

Remember you said
It pains that our lives are mapped out
That we hold no future together
That you need to force yourself to let go?

Well, I say
Our lives are mapped out, yes – but that creates chance
And if fate has it in our future to find ourselves together again
Trust, you can have it all

The Question of Creation 

moonlight shining through
the window of my room

dawn is coming
almost wishing it didn’t arrive so soon

majestic mystery
bright rock gives winter morning rare calm?

in this moment
the question of creation doesn’t seem to matter so much somehow

only that I am here right now

The Right Routine 

leave no room for free radicals to roam
keep self clean and watch what you eat
establish a routine that revitalises your spirit and restores balance
for me just four hours of sleep, a jug of water and a jog in the morning
then a soak in oils and salts with my fruit bowl
works perfectly well
and sets me up just right for a long day of toil

exercise clear thought
and visualise how your work will impact the next
create pleasant memories for keepsake
live for the moment
stay forever present
and you may just come to the realisation
that you already have everything you ever wanted
and that well-being like gratitude
should never be taken for granted

Clean Quarters 

Fresh scribble for every new debacle
When surrounded by extremes
That’s how I find my way to the middle
The happy place where everything is still and peaceful

Living and loving a little
And I still marvel at life’s spectacles
Knowing all is not always what it seems
But existence always mirrors how one feels 

Bye July

He too could not escape the effects of post-traumatic slave disorder, just like his parents and the preceding six generations at least. The only difference was that he understood the first rule of rational self-defence which is freedom of thought.

“Change will take a lifetime,” he opined. “I’m aware they see me as nothing more than a corporeal cipher, it’s a fact I cannot ignore but one that only motivates me more.”