Summer in Azania

Come experience romance
In the palm tree province
Under the sun, moon, and stars
You and I
Together all summer
Day and night


The Economics of Attention

Minds hacked using all kinds of perpetual bait
Social validation feedback loops replay
With no reset

It matters not how they do or say it
When susceptibility is our natural state
We may as well forget it

Majesties of the Mundane

if you search the space
on any given day
even when you think things couldn’t get any worse
rays of light are never far away

The Fold

You can draw the sword once
Yet deliver many blows

But to beat the odds
You’d have to risk the rewards

And to stand out
Could mean stepping out of the fold

The Equality of Values

Language is extremely important to the interchange of ideas, just as much as money is to the interchange of value.

And words have long been the standard preferred in attempts to convey meaning, even though much is lost through their employment in this type of communicative process. Metals too, were used as money measured by weight long before they were considered indications of value as tokens through the coinage system.

So, just as the nominal value of token money in the form of subsidiary coins is typically greater than its value as simply metal, language too, is often inflated within specific contexts in relative comparison with its functional effect as a medium of idea exchange.

Flight of Fancy

high on a fantasy
of fulfillment in futurity

and all I imagine

you and me
in synthesis