Games of Chance & Lessons on Luck

A battle easily won
Or gains effortlessly gotten
Will inevitably make one spoiled rotten

And to harvest without labour
Or hold post without tenure
Is like finding fortune without preparation for its reception

So to risk what is one’s own
In order to gain what is another’s
Is a will-o’-the-wisp and the mark of a gambler

All things considered, a result of the subjective value placed on random outcomes or what we call luck
Is different from the objective reality of the unpredictable manifestations which we call chance
Still, luck is but chance seen through the lense of a good or bad end


The Ilk of Humankind

He wanted to sleep in the sky
Like an Alpine swift
She was happy getting by
And experiencing consciousness shift…

He had seigniorage shares in a distributed bank
She strongly despised the champagne glass effect…

He deemed time a gift and held on for dear life
She wasn’t afraid to die…

His reputation rested on a delicate plank
She’d never lie…

Summer in Azania (ii)

Seagulls glide above the aquamarine waters
As the sun sinks into the ocean
Orange hues on the horizon
Walkers on the promenade in close quarters

Out in the open
Nature’s backdrop
Lovers holding hands
Summer romance

Capital Class

be a possessor of capital
for only then is advantage granted at almost every turn

venture into business
accept the losses
appreciate the gains
outperform the competition
do all that you can

and with that I’m saying
our many wants
and several tastes
all require large amounts
of money or cash

therefore, whosoever has the wealth
in forms others desire
can dictate what their dreams are worth
such is its immense power
such is its strength

for with it, thoughts can be converted to reality
indulgence afforded
and achievement promoted

The Thin Line Between Triumph & Tragedy

Comfort can give rise to complacency
While a healthy paranoia can prove productive
So whatever you do – make sure you have a genuine motive to live
For the lack of a definite aim is life’s greatest tragedy

Hustlers & Hymns

take charge of your money bud
and never trust the big banks like these chumps
hell, getcha a lil’ Bitcoin or some…
and if that’s not aligned with your risk appetite then rather bury some in the dust
whatever you need to do to protect your wealth

as one must

just saying… don’t be part of the bail-in, I’m tellin’ ya son!

heard that…

just the other day
Jerome was in the media house


yeah man
and guess what?

he was watching his mouth?

you’re damn right, he was!

(together) awww! (chuckles)

been telling you since day
the Fed ain’t got the answers man

too true!

but we still gotta put the little we have to work and double up

on God!

believe that!
just flip to Matthew 25 verses 14 to 30 and you’ll see

say no more, let’s get it!

Sketch for a Theory of Persistent Passions (iv)

Work more and worry less
For in waters below lies the treasure chest

Although nothing is sacrosanct in the face of change
As you evolve, always give history and precedent its deserving acknowledgement

Think more and talk less
For to commit with the tongue first, before you thoughtfully assess, can result in mistakes and regrets

Remember, nothing maintains permanence, not even fact
And without passionate conviction, a truth established, can never set