Kiss Speech ii

feindre mantras escape from the larynx
to a lover’s lips

when sweet desires are mixed
with a propensity to please

causing one to say anything for a kiss


© Heath Muchena, 2017


her skin’s glow
was as the half-light of dawn
renewed… supple

the drape dress she wore
a Vivienne Westwood morph
in violet… bit o’ blue, bit o’ purple

and as she walked toward me
in a motion slow and casual yet self-assured
watching her I knew right away
she was the one that I’d propose to


© Heath Muchena, 2017

Finding Fortune

The gamble had paid off
For he was now ‘in the money’
As if he’d struck it lucky in the binary options trade

And the leather on his feet had never felt quite as soft as it did now
That he could finally put his feet up and reflect on the long and arduous road he’d roved
Before finding providence

So if only his critics had sought a veracious account of the struggles he’d faced up to this point
They may not have viewed his success as though it’d been easily granted


© Heath Muchena, 2017


Every obstacle paves the way for a new perspective.


© Heath Muchena, 2017

Lady Lavinia’s Lover vi

no conditions set
simply indulgence with no regrets
doing as we wish, on our own terms
closed gates facing any feelings of guilt

but the fact remains, there’s always an element of neglect
as far as the intellect is concerned
when the waves of emotion go into full effect

still, heartbreak never made us circumspect
and every risk we’ve been willing to take
in order to preserve the best we’ve ever had


© Heath Muchena, 2017

Buttercup Blossom

my sweet sunshine
buttercup bright
small-sized but endowed with nature’s might

I’m happy to call you mine
the radiant delight I set my sights on
and the only one who has my heart

so as we touch tonight
remember, if love is right then this too is suchlike
besides, you do it so well
whenever we’re up in the cut


© Heath Muchena, 2017

Toni & Clive

she was a conqueror
one of a kind
a modern day Zenobia – queen of Palmyra

he was the Titanic Thompson of his time
wagering at the game of life
as carefree as leaves in the wind

and so united in the hour
bodies, spirits, minds
they became an unstoppable team

she and he
Toni & Clive


© Heath Muchena, 2017