Free Will vs Subjugation

The best and hardest job is making your dreams reality

But the most tedious work is that brought on by the insidious pressures of a peasant’s life

And it’s not so much the type of work but the motivation behind it

It’s much about the exercise of free will versus subjugation

Weak is Wicked

You let them think for you
At your own peril

And let them melt your iron will
As they aimed a syringe with a needle at your arm & made you sterile

The weak never survive the jungle
And the weakened lack the strength to even mumble

So shush weak man
With your mush pea-brain
You and I
We are not the same!

Risk-Adjusted Returns

If you don’t take chances
You may regret realising later
That not taking risks
Was the real flaw in your plan of advancement

And the only thing in the way of your success
Was that you never took the necessary actions
And steps needed to turn your dreams to reality

You will be forced to face the undeniable truth
That perhaps you just didn’t want it enough
That you preferred the idea of success
As a dream and not your reality

That you didn’t do what was necessary
By all and any means

Elegy on Exceptionalism

If you do what you’re meant to

and you do it well…

there’s no way in hell

you won’t be able to get

what most fail to

since you’ll be indispensable

in the value chain.

In this life, it’s plainly reflected

no need for one to tell…

that the hood or the block is the chain

that the food or the pork has poisoned the brain

plainly one can see

who wears the chains

of contemporary urban peasantry

it’s so easy to tell…

for they never do what they are meant to

only what they are told to

no wonder they never do anything well enough too!

Never get what they want

only what they are allowed to

or what they are given

oh, well…



they are one and the same




Eternity of Dreams

On Weakness

You can raise yourself above weakness and baseness

But only if you elevate your beliefs and the aims you set for yourself

Turning those into reality

Will to win!

if you let yourself be weak

of mind, body, will or resolve

you will never win

A Piece of Something

When a civilisation allows government to regulate business
And promotes social-labour movements through unions
It’s inevitable that the result will be a destruction of free enterprise
And continuous manipulation of wages and prices

And as management and workers go head-to-head
With little thought given to the true cause of their problem
Caused by the very providers of ‘capital’
Who force management to raise prices when they raise the cost of said ‘capital’
Which leads workers to demand higher wages
Creating a never-ending battle between workers and their managers

All the while the real receivers of profits
Never for a day have to perform laborious or repetitive managerial tasks
As long as they keep providing ‘capital’ at no cost whatsoever
Since they extend nothing but book credit in the form of fiat money which the masses then expect to propel economies
But actually ends up bringing industries, workers and managers into indebtedness to the ‘capital’ providers
Debts that can never be settled

Such is the world we live in
Where much of the wealth is created from nothing
All because we all want a piece of something

Such are the values we subscribe to
Such is the money we believe in
Such is the foundation upon which we’ve built our perceived prosperity

Now imagine if management could create real capital
Through legitimate supply which fulfils beneficial demand
Wouldn’t that grow industry and subsequently genuine capital?
Wouldn’t workers be appeased by the constant prices of products?
Wouldn’t that eliminate the need for interventions that focus on the problems and not the causes?
Wouldn’t that be a win-win for industry, workers and managers?
Wouldn’t that end the reign of those who benefit most for creating only the illusion of value?
Wouldn’t that end the era of corrupt capital?


Instead of just trying to make it to the league
Focus on building a legacy

Instead of trying to get rich quick
Make sure the assets you pick are not Gesell currency

And don’t be happy-go-lucky
Or spend too much time in your feelings
Instead of making money

Create intellectual property
So that your earning potential remains on an upward trajectory
Even when you’re elderly

Put the work in
Establish revenue streams with no limits
So they can never box you in

And if for some reason your net worth decreases
Be responsive and quick to reshuffle the pieces

So you can bounce back to the top where you belong
Like Dionysus on Mount Olympus

who is your god

who designs the system, content & components of the curriculum in education
who inculcates the pupils
who controls the press if it doesn’t echo the voice of the people
who administers laws with contradictions of interpretations
who enmeshes the populace in webs of legislation by arbitrary governments
who advocates for a nation’s friends or foes
who presents options for choice of the will
who dictates the electoral code of conduct
who propounds the idea of liberty and equality
who organises the archives of history
who issues licenses to the freedom seekers
who brandishes weapons of terror against natural intelligence & intuition
who bestows fortune and favour
who decides the fate of the slayed & spared

is your god